ROOF-TOP EXTENTION DISASTER RELIEF CAMP LABOUR QUARTERS SOLAR PANEL SUPPORT STRUCTURE The LIGHT GAUGE STEEL FRAME STRUCTURE(LGSF) structures are made of galvanized light gauge metal frames, in the form of structural components. These components are designed with the help of the CAD-CAM software, visualised in a 3D Modelling software and finally checked with a Structural Stability software. Then this information is used to generate structural details to produce sections on automated CNC controlled roll-forming machine. The structure is then clad with a range of extensive cladding materials and finished as desired.

Infinite structures can be made with this system which are fast to make and flawless. Some have been listed below :

Even hybrid Galvanised Profile Structure with Reinforced Cement Concrete Structure or LGSF with Hot Rolled Steel structures can also be designed & made Even hybrid Structure can also be designed & made with RCC/Hot Rolled Steel Section alongwith Light Gauge Steel profiles.